Ideas to magpie, maths for life and les dessins animés...

Last week in English we were describing our own characters based on our story about Love and the Beast. We were trying to include metaphors and similes as well as bring our character to life. To help us with our ideas we had a carousel where we could add our own words to posters which included the senses and the character’s disposition. These posters were really helpful as we could magpie ideas from others. The result was that everyone in the class was able to write a really interesting character description.

In maths we have been ensuring that we are really secure with the four rules and this includes adding and subtracting decimals remembering place value. Long multiplication and long division has also been addressed. These skills will hold us in good stead for life.

Cartoon strips have been studied in French and we have really enjoyed creating our own characters and writing about them. The next stage is to make a comic strip using these characters as a basis for our story.