Zombies before SATs

Hello parents,


We have been under attack at Bloxham Primary School; a horde of zombies have crawled underneath our security. We have done a mix of zombie related things like:

-Survial guides/Kits

-Explanation texts 

-Creating a coherent argument

-Persuasive Posters

-Diary entrys

-Maths: designing the layout of a zombie shelter (ratio and proportion)

-Comprehension activities 


These past weeks we have been focusing on ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. The zombie apocalypse is when the world is destroyed by the zombie plague. Members of our class of survivors have been recounting the unfortunate events in English.


In maths we have been measuring and calculating our very own survival cabins. After we had designed our cabins we calculated the ratio and length of the bunker we were using ratio such as 1cm:25cm or 1cm:0.25m


Our zombie survival kit, which included:

-how to capture a zombie

-what kills a zombie

-what to pack for a quest





We also had to try and figure out who are the infected. We did this by balancing an argument from a text that Mr. Protherough wrote; using evidence and inference.


Our work in our books showed who we thought the infected were and why. Colour coding the text for evidence, we found the zombies!!! We also decided where we would go when our base was taken over. In this we used maps of the local area and we had to create an argument for why we chose a new destination.


We had lots of fun on this topic, though be careful it’s only a matter of time before they come for you…