Freezing or Melting?

We have had a fun final week of Term 3. 

We have made ice cream and jelly to help us understand how matter changes state. It was fun learning about the melting point of some different materials. Still some debate about whether jelly is a solid or liquid by the time we swallow it...

We finished our Irish dancing with a flourish and all had CBGs for having a jolly good go at the tricky steps.

In English, we created another book to share with the Year 3 children, This time they were comedy books based on a David Walliams text that we read. The Year 3 children gave very positive feedback which was great. Thank you to them.

Whilst we are thanking people, thanks to Ruby Stead's mum who has made our flower bed all tidy again outside the classroom smiley

Superstars were Tom and Kitty and Star of the week was Will for being interesting, creative and funny.

Wishing you all a happy and safe half term break.