Year 4 are now teachers!

This week in English we have been inventing our own Persesus and Medusa stories. We started the week by planning our stories on box up plots. This was great as we were able to share different ideas and write all our ideas down. These helped us to make write our stories.  We have changed the characters, instead of being Greek myths, changing them into Romans. As well as that, we have also changed the gifts given to our hero by the Gods.

In Maths this week we have been converting fractions to decimals and then decimals to fractions. At first we found this a bit tricky, but once we got the patterns (excellent pattern sniffing 4J!), we understood exactly what to do. We then moved onto adding 4-digit numbers, using the compact or exampled method.

On Wednesday afternoon  we taught the Year 5 children how to make Tessellations. This was a fantastic afternoon as both classes planned their lessons, made their resources and created their own power points to present to the year 5 children. We had excellent feedback from the lesson, saying that they absolutely loved it and the Year 4 children worked really hard at making their lesson.

I hope that you all have a brilliant half term. And I do apologise to any inconvenience caused on Thursday. I was unable to be in school due to illness but the parents evening has been rescheduled to Thursday 2nd of November.