Week 2 already!

We have welcomed our new member to the class, Liberty, at the start of this term. We hope she enjoys her time and we are all very excited.

We have had a brilliant week in Maths, recapping how to multiply and divide 10 and 100, round decimals and order them. We have also been continuing with our Maths investigations on Wednesday and if you want to know your child’s score, please come and ask.

In English this week we have been innovating our magical city instruction best text. This week we have been editing the text, changing the setting, characters and portal in which the reader needs to use to travel to the magical world. We have also improved sentences including superlative adjectives, similes, power of 3 and repetition.

In History we have had fun making the shells for our Viking helmets. We had to be resourceful and resilient, as many of our shells didn’t turn out as we imagined! Next week we shall be decorating those using stencils and our planned designs.

Year 4 will be continuing with the Active 10 we started last week. We have been recording the times we have run and have all noticed an improvement already. This activity each day is good for our brains and hearts and is providing an excellent incentive for the children to become more active. It has also helped the children learn to challenge themselves and know the importance of not comparing ourselves to others but the importance of developing our ability and being proud of our achievements.