We are Romans!

We had an absolutely brilliant time on our Roman day on Monday. We made bread and wine, dressed up and even used our shields in the different legionary formations. We even recreated the Roman baths in the hall and role played our different roles. The Emperors and empresses were particularly convincing, ordering the slaves about and even asking them for back rubs! Poor slaves! Luckily, no slaves were hurt in the process!

This week in English, we finished writing our diaries – The Diary of a Roman Slave- and wrote our best text onto old fashioned paper. They look absolutely wonderful and we are all very proud of them.

In Math’s, we have begun to recap over fractions and are starting to work out fractions of numbers. Keep practicing at home! Next week we are looking at angles and lines of symmetry.

Please continue to practice ‘Little Donkey’ at home and learning your lines as we now only have 10 days left until the performance in the Church!