Super sports day!

Sports day on Tuesday was a roaring success! 4J did outstandingly well and everyone worked so hard. I was so proud of each and every child. Well done! Thank you to Mrs Ducker for making it such a brilliant day.

This week has been rather busy, alongside practicing and competing in the Sports day races, we have also been practicing for tomorrows ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The children have all worked extremely hard and we cannot wait for you all to see their Year 4 dance and the Year 4 girls dance tomorrow!

In English this week, we have been writing our plan and then started writing our ‘Kapok Tree’ stories. We will be finishing them on Monday. In Art, we have been sketching and colouring Georgia O’Keeffe artwork, using oil pastels. In Maths, we have been finding fractions of amounts, finished our masks in DT and in Computing we practiced our programming using scratch and created music using Garage Band.

With the weather really hotting up, please remember the importance of covering up, staying in the shade and drinking lots of water!

We have also seen a flurry of Headteacher's awards for some amazing Rainforest Home Learning efforts. We've had cardboard setting, Travis Bowen’s delicious chocolate orange monkey (yum!), clay models, canvas art and fabulous pictures too!