Persuasion stories

In English this week we have started our new non-fiction topic: Persuasion. We are looking at book’ Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus!’ by Mo Willems. The children have been looking at the persuasive language and techniques that the pigeon uses to persuade the reader to let him drive the bus. We have been creating our own persuasions, create a diamond 9 to order the persuasive techniques used. We have also created our own titles for different stories, focusing on nouns and verbs. We have also had two lessons on rhetorical questions and contractions, revising over our previous learning. Next week we will be starting to plan our own version of the story.

We started the week in maths revising our knowledge of 2 and 3 – digit division. After this, we are looking at mixed digit factor pairs. We then moved onto finding number bonds to 10, 100 and 1000.  Next week we will be revising our understanding of fractions.

We also started our nee Geography topic for this term- rivers. We have studied the formations of rivers, looking at the source, waterfall, tributaries etc.  Next week we will be learning about the water cycle. In French, we have continued with our new topic of savage animals. This week we ordered and practiced our savage animals.

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.


4J :)