Ocean day - what a fabulous day!

4J have had another fabulous week.  In English, the children have been enjoying retelling the story of The Great Kapok Tree and yesterday they wrote character descriptions, in groups, of animals in the Rainforest. We also worked together to create amazing setting descriptions! We now know the story really well!

In Maths, we have been looking at bar charts, line graphs and pictograms. We have learnt all about plotting, the X and Y axis and answering word problems.

In Art we have started our new topic ‘Georgia O’Keeffe, and for Home learning the children created some really beautiful posters all about her and her work.

ECO day was a fantastic success. A massive thank you to Mrs Wellbury and the ECO team for organising such a magical day. We learnt an awful lot, and it has really changed our perspective on how much plastic we use and how we can make our world a better place. Eco Day (Ocean Day) also fitted in really well with our discussions about deforestation. The children are enjoying getting stuck into this topic and we have been having some great debates.

If you would love to see your Art display, please come in and take a look!

Assessment next week and also Quad kids. Well done to all!