Look how much we've done!

We have had a super week with Maths this week! In Year 4, we have started to move away from Year 3 work and start to learn more about the method’s in Year 4. We started the week by practicing our 6 and 9 times tables, using both multiplication, division and inverse operation skills. And we finished the week off with multiplying multiples. Next week we will be recapping our knowledge on time and learning how to convert between analogue and digital.

In literacy we have been recapping over our understanding of adjectives, nouns, verbs and pronouns. We then started to write our own plans for our reinvented story of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’.  This meant we had to recap over our understanding of how to write a setting and character description. We used at plot matrix to help plan out our ideas and are all ready to DIRT our work on Monday and start to write them next week!

In Topic, we have continued with this terms topic of the Romans. This week we looked at the Roman Empire: where they settled, where they invaded and what happened once they settled. We looked at different maps and used atlases to place where the Romans travelled from and how many countries they conquered.  The children were brilliant at using maps and really enjoyed using atlases. In Science, we have continued our sound topic. This week we have been looking at how sound travels. In PSHE, we have discussed what is bullying and what is not bullying. We also discussed name calling, working as team and how our learning is changed by our surroundings and those in our community – it has been busy!  In RE, we have been continuing with Judaism. This week we have been learning about Synagogues and agreements that are made both in the Jewish religion and in our everyday life.

And a massive thank you to Ms Lowen, who this week helped us to write our own individual prayers that will be showcased in the Church. The children were allowed to write a prayer based on one of our Collective Worship themes. We practiced these first and then wrote them on beautiful coloured paper. Thank you Ms Lowen!


Please note that all children need to bring their trainers in on Monday. We are having external coaches coming in to teach the children skipping and skipping skills. Children without trainers on Monday will not be able to partake.

Also, please remember that, if you child has been given star of the week and they receive Barnaby bear, please make sure he is returned the following week before the next child receives the award. It is unfair if some children get him on the allocated day and then do not return him when they are meant to.