Assessment week

It has been an extremely busy and successful week in Year 4! We have had assessment week this week and the children have all done so well! The assessments have been 2 Maths: arithmetic and reasoning) and 3 English papers: Spelling, punctuation and Grammar; reading and spelling. This are standard Year 4 tests, that will be occurring in year 3 and year 5. The children have been extremely well behaved and worked really hard. Treats all round!

We have also completed a Computing module- write a Wikipedia. The children were asked to choose their favourite author, research their stories, life and career and write it in the form of a Wikipedia account. We have also continued with our Rainforest topic, researching and creating our own leaflets all about deforestation and animals.

Next week, we will be returning back to normal timetable, with (thankfully!) no assessments. We will be continuing our English topic: ‘The Kapok Tree’ and in Maths we will be revising our knowledge of multiplying 3 digit numbers, fractions and decimals.