Je mange sept poires!

We may be two weeks before the end of term but we are still highly charged with learning. In Science we have been experimenting with coloured water in celery. Our intention was to understand how water is absorbed by plants or whether water is absorbed through Osmosis. We have watched as celery has turned from crisp green to limp blue or red! When we cut a stick we could see how the veins had absorbed the coloured water and changed colour.  Anyone for multi-coloured salad!?

Persuasive text has been our focus in English and we will be inventing our own holiday brochures! With imperative verbs and boastful language we hope to persuade customers to choose our favourite destinations for their holiday.  Without doubt everyone believes in their product and each brochure is very appealing.

In French we have translated Eric Carle’s ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. The children have used their learned knowledge of days of the week and foods in their unique versions of the book. We might find time to do a small presentation before the end of term……

Well done everyone for coping in the heat and remaining cheerful, smiley and constantly positive.