Church Visit

We had a fantastic first week back after the Half Term break. All the children were very focussed and we had a successful week of learning. Top Reader was Harrison, Times Table Champion was Sayal, Resilient to the end was Orson and Magical Mathematician was Daisy and Annabelle.  Today we had a wonderful trip to St Mary's Church. Dale, the Vicar greeted us and we were given a chance to ask questions. Some examples were: 'why are there no graves inside?', 'why are bodies buried?' 'how old is the church?' 'how long have you been a vicar?' 'when did you know you wanted to be a vicar?' After this we were invited to explore the inside of the church. Some children enjoyed ringing the bells - Did you hear?!  Just before the end we went into the Grave Yard (if we wanted to) and looked at some of the Stones. The children behaved well and were admirable ambassadors for Year Three.