Brilliant Bunch!

Brilliant week for all in 3SH. The culmination of the big write resulted in some splendid pieces of creative, imaginative writing. Well Done to Sayal, Bella, Alissia, Fraser, Jack, Lewis B and Ethan for their Deputy Head Teacher awards.

Maths has been a week of fractions with hunts for equivalent fractions as well as finding fractions of numbers; for some of us, three and four digit numbers.  Keep practising your Times Tables.

We really enjoyed our topic work which found us giving direction from one place to another – cities to towns or country to country. We loved using the atlas.  Children were using their knowledge of compass really well.

Gym gave us a chance to learn to move equipment safely. We don’t want slips, trips and falls so we were emphasising the importance of moving around safely too.

Daisy was mathematical magician, Resilient in work was Joe, Finn was a top reader and most helpful was Rylee.

Have a wonderful sunny weekend.