Birmingham Hindu Temple

Following a wonderful trip to Birmingham Hindu Temple enjoy reading some of the children's observations....

When I first walked into the Temple it felt like the most beautiful place in the World. I really liked the statues and the way the staff looked after them like real people. (Emily)

At the Hindu temple I was surprised by the shape of the buildings. (Thomas)

When I was at the Hindu temple I was surprised that they could put the boy’s head on the body of the elephant. I was surprised they gave the Gods food as it is not going to be eaten.  (Ethan)

My favourite bit about the Temple was their vibrant colours. (Annabelle)

I liked the prayers the priests did for us and the decoration (Noah)

At one of the temples they had sweets and we got to have one (Max)

There was not just one but lots of temples and you got to have a third eye (Eva)

I liked the lemon rice and we learned about all the Gods and it was so amazing. (Ava)

I liked it when we put dots on our foreheads to show we had three eyes. (Bella)

I liked how they dressed, I liked the lemon rice, I liked the prayers, I liked the poppodoms, I liked eating sweets. (Rylee)

The prayers sounded very hard to say. (Jordan)

I think they could have warm floors in every temple (Harry)

Excitingly, we learned how they worshipped and prayed to their Gods (Fraser)

I loved the way the Gods have a bath with lots of milk. I was so surprised how tall each temple was. I didn’t know they treated gods like their children (Sayal)