A Wonderfully Creative Week 2!

In Maths the children have been reviewing and developing their knowledge of 3d shapes to include recognising 2d shape faces, edges and vertices. During Outdoor Learning the children were 'Shape Detectives' finding 2d and 3d shapes in their outdoor environment.

In English the children have been imitating their new text 'Little Boat' by Kathy Henderson. To develop their understanding of the little boat character the children made their own little boat and 'splashed and played witht the boat that they had made'.  They have drawn a 'feelings graph' labelling it with adjectives and verbs to describe how he feels at different stages of the story. The children also created a 'soundscape' using persussion instruments to retell the story through music. Just lovely and all done with such enthusiasm!

On Tuesday Year 2 received an important envelope sealed with red wax and decorated with a golden ribbon. What could it say?

The envelope contained a mission that if they chose to accept involved getting messy with paint and bringing the Titanic back to life and raising her from her watery grave. The whole cohort were incredible in their reciprocal approach to sponge printing and creating a huge mural. The finished image is very impressive as was the Titanic herself. Mission accomplished! The children also got a little messy using charcoal to sketch the Titanic! Awesome artwork Year 2!

A new approach to Reciprocal Reading began this week too. Every child reads with a partner the same text - 'Voices in the Park' written and illustrated by Anthony Browne.  The children have 'made connections' with other texts - 'The Tunnel', and the 'Curious George' series. They have answered and asked questions about the written text and the beautiful and creative illustrations, finding many hidden elements. 

Finally, Mrs Oatridge awarded the class 2 marbles in the jar on Friday because when she popped in, the whole class were 'lost in their learning'. smiley