A wonderful Week 2!

The children have really engaged with all aspects of learning in all subjects this week. Well Done 2S!

In English they developed their imitating of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by generating ideas for subtle changes in character, setting, portals and magical worlds. Together we created a new text about the Tiger, the Vampire and the Mirror. There was also a focus on adverbs and adjectives to add interest and detail to the text.  The children then invented their own story using the planning technique 'Boxing Up'. They wrote key words and drew pictures to help them with the writing of their own text. There are some great ideas ranging from portals in fridges, portraits and trap doors to magical underwater worlds, jungles and candy land.  I am very excited about their finished masterpieces!

Maths has focused on number, much of which has been reviewing of the children's learning in Year 1, this  has then been developed further. They are a whizz at comparing numbers, ordering them, identifying multiples of 10 either side of a number and using the < and > signs. Snappy always eats the biggest number (Class crocodile!). The children have also been fine tuning their skill of navigating a 100 square to solve additions and subtractions plus reaquainting themselves with bead strings.

Science was great fun! However behind the smiles and laughter was some serious scientific thinking and great use of scientific language.  The children have explored many materials, identify properties with a view to selecting suitable ones for when they design their own kites.  Exploring rubber balloons and role playing molecules to act as solids, liquids and gases will prepare the children for further investigations linked with their learning about The Montgolfier Brothers later in the term.

Outdoor Learning was a favourite this week. The children tested a kite model they had made following instructions given. They evaluated them in order to design an improved model of their own in D.T. 

For the curriculum map and power point shown during 'Meet the Teacher' please visit Class blogg 2O.