We're Back!

What a fabulous start to term 4. 2S came back ready to learn and with such enthusiasm!

In English we began imitating a new text, a recount of a newspaper report 'Pigs in Peril!' The children have identified the features and explored speaking and writing in the present and past tense. 

The Maths focus has been division and the relationship with fractions. The children have developed the strategy of using 'Clever counting' brilliantly and even begun to develop and understanding of remainders. 

The class of passengers travelling on the Titanic has really engaged the children. Did you know that a 1st class suite would cost approximately £75,000 today! Some of the children felt quite strongly that all of the passengers should have access to her incredible facilities but have learned that this was not the case.  2S are becoming great justifiers of their ideas and have the ability to back them up with well thought out reasoning.

As part of the hands on approach to Science, the children hunted for and found habitats and signs of life during their Outdoor Learning experience. 2S really excelled themselves with respectful behaviour for nature.

Parts for the play 'The Unsinkable Ship' have been allocated and they will be given out next week. The children are extremely excited about performing for you in the near future.