There's 'Snow place like 2S'!

Well it is fair to say that Friday's snow added a sense of excitment to the end of a great learning week. 

In Outdoor Learning the children experienced this sign of winter using their senses and creating snow pictures. I think you'll agree they all look ready to learn in their little red suits. Most festive!

Multiplication has still been the main focus in Maths and the children have tackled more challenging word problems using arrays and excellent mental maths in retrieving known tables.

In English the children innovated the original text creating a new debating topic for next week - Should Witches be allowed to keep their magical potions or should they share them with humans because of their medicinal properties? - namely the curing of colds and flu! Word types have also been a focus. The children have been identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and they are becoming most adept at this.

Following the assembly delivered by our 'Anti-Bullying Ambassadors', the children decorated large jigsaw puzzle pieces that illustrated who they were as a unique person. Then we developed the idea that all our uniques qualities should be celebrated and when the pieces are fitted together we become a special community. 

The Nativity rehearsals are going well and thank you for all the costumes provided!