A Terrific Two Weeks!

Well 2S certainly returned from their half term break ready to engage in new learning and build on prior learning. They have shown great enjoyment in learning the new 'best text' which is an extract from Midsummer Night's Dream, full of humour and Shakespearean language. Much fun was had generating Shakespearian insults and taking part in drama activities to retell the comedy sketch.

In Dance the children have begun to learn a line dance to the track 'Crazy little thing called love' which they will be performing for 'Midsummer Night's Dream in July. 

The children have reviewed their Year 1 Science learning on plants that grow from seeds and what they need to grow. They are now building on this by developing their understanding that plants can also grow from bulbs and corms. Each child has planted either a bulb or corm and will observe, record and compare the different stages of growth throughout the term. Will their plants germinate and grow at the same pace? 

What a triumph the children's Titanic performance was! Once again thank you for your support and for being such an appreciative audience. The children excelled themselves, remembering lines, mike changes and I think you'll agree we have a few budding actors and actresses in our midst!

The children have expressed 'what they know' and 'what they would like to find out' in relation to their new topic this term - Formula 1. The children overwhelmingly agreed that Lewis Hamilton was their preferred driver and this was evident in the enthusiastic support they showed when watching the highlights from the Azerbaijan race on Sunday!

We have an exciting term ahead!