Let's go fly a kite after a week of subtraction and innovating!

The children have shown great readiness to work and resilience this week developing and in many cases securing their understanding of the Year 2 subtraction method which involves partitioning of 1s which are subtracted, followed by the subtraction of the 10s. Some children applied this understanding to solving 1 step word problems. The picture shows Stage 3 in the development of an investigation called 'Teddy Town'. Stage 1 began with just 2 red houses, 2 yellow houses, 2 red bears and 2 yellow bears.  All pairs made have to be different. One group solved the final Stage where all houses North to South, East to West are a different colour as well as the bears. No two colours can be adjacent either. An excellent example of Reciprocal Learning. Super Mathematicians!

In English the children generated many imaginative ideas for a change of character to innovate the class Explanation text from 'How do good witches turn bad?' to 'How do good Zombies turn bad?'. The children have also completed adjective generating activities, building on this to form sentences that contain the Power of 3. In Reciprocal Reading we read the new innovated text with our partner and then summarised it in a flow chart.

In topic the children learned about The Ornithopter, a huge wing flapping machine invented by Leonard Da Vinci designed to use every muscle in the human body. It never flew as a human was not strong enough to generate the power needed but if they could it would have!

And finally......Outdoor Learning fun!  The children had a super time flying and evaluating their kites. They worked in groups of 3, taking turns to fly, then evaluate each others kites. 5 marbles in the jar were awared for excellent listening skills and co-operation. 

Have a lovely weekend, oh and keep up the spelling support. 2S are continuing to be Superstar Spellers!