A Good Week all round!

This week in 2S the Maths focus was revisiting and developing the children's understanding of the Year 2 subtraction method which involves 'partial partitioning'. It never ceases to amaze me how excited they are solving calculations! There is an option of using dienes to support their method and many children are working mentally subtracting 10s and 1s. The majority of the children applied then use of the strategy to word problems, some 2 step problems. Way to go 2S!

The writing produced this week inspired by the text 'Little Boat' by Kathy Henderson, has been of an excellent standard. The children's inclusion of descriptive features such as similes, alliteration and personification has made every one a pleasure to read.

In topic the children have begun to learn many key facts about the Titanic and have sequenced the events chronologically from her maiden voyage until the survivors arrived in New York. 

A lovely extra this week was Year 4J sharing their own writing with 2S. The children really enjoyed being read to. They then had the opportunity to read the story books that 4J had written and illustrated.