A fabulous Term 5 continues

In our Geography focused topic - Formula 1, we have been learning to locate where the UK fits into the wider world. We then extended our learning by locating the Continents and Oceans of the world. We always enjoy using Atlas and are becoming very adept at using the Index and grid co - ordinates to find places. A further follow up session involved us developing our understanding of Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. We then made or used a key of different cars to place on a map where the local F1 teams are located and other key places. We loved it!

We have continued to consolidate all Year 2 calculation methods and apply them to more challenging 2 step problems. We have begun to develop our understanding of reading scales and different units of measure.

In English we have been imitating a fact file about the author Anthony Browne. A big thank you to Jacob for bring in an original copy of Anthony Browne's first book - Through the Magical Mirror.  We loved making connections with other texts of his that we have experienced reading or listening to. 

Our Reciprocal Reading text - Flat Stanley has prompted some very thoughtful responces reguarding the acceptance of others no matter what their religion, colour of skin or further differences.