A Double Post!

Week 3 ended with much excitement with a Governor visit, World Book day and snow! The children thoroughly enjoyed coming to school dressed as their favourite book characters as did the Year 2 team. They enjoyed a morning of a carousel reading the class book 'Voices in the Park' (written and illustrated by Anthony Browne). They answered questions that required 'inference' which focused on the incredible illustrations. Thank you Mr Finlay for joining us and enjoying the book with us! 

Maths in Week 3 and 4 has focused on fractions, mixed numbers and word problems involving all four operations. The children are developing their skill of identifying which operation a word problem is and the best strategy to use to work out the answer.  Super Mathematicians!

In English/Topic the children have looked at old newspaper reports about the 'Titanic Tragedy' and put themselves in the shoes of many of the survivors to write quotes that they may have uttered if interviewed after their rescue.  The children have recalled and recorded many facts about 'When' and 'Why' the disaster occurred and used these historical facts to plan their own newspaper reports (recounts).

Outdoor Learning also had a Maths focus this week.  The children illustrated Reciprocal Learning at its best by organising themselves into human arrays to solve multiplication problems read to them. 

Finally, Science focused on understanding that all animals reproduce offspring including humans. There was much oooing and aahhing when the children looked at some of the cutist baby animal pictures ever taken!  They matched adults with babies and enjoyed viewing footage on 'Zooborns.com' and bbcnaturecollections. It is clear that 2s are great animal lovers!

Happy Mothers Day to all our supportive Mums, Aunties,Grandmas, Nannies and Carers out there.  Have a lovely Sunday!