Have you seen the dinosaur?

We have been learning: How to Trap a Dinosaur – after it made a mess in 1N (pictures on sideshow). We had to investigate what we thought it and concluded it was a Therapod: from the footprint it had left. An expert came in to tell us how to catch it successfully and we have been passing the instructions on to as many people as possible.

Outside, we measured the length of the biggest dinosaur that lived (as per our picture) - a Titanosaur (40m). It just fitted in the playground – it was a type of sauropod. We looked at its heart and saw it pumping – it was huge! One of its bone was the length of a man!

We created a dinosaur habitat using our artistic skills, blending the colours with water so that the colour faded.

In Jigsaw, we were looking at similarities and differences between us; we all had 1N in common!

During Maths, we were learning number sentences and making up number stories to match them.


Word of the week: Respect

Thought of the week: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.

Colossians 3.23