On Tuesday all of Year two, plus some of our Year Ones took part in the Warriner Cross Country event. Each race had over 100 children and it was amazing to see all of our children taking part with such determination, so congratulations to all of Year 2, plus those Year ones for not only your effort but your excellent behaviour at the event , as well as walking there and back.

A special mention to the following children for finishing in the top 25:  Lacey Chappell 18th, India Rose, 19th, Edith Murphy 22nd, Thomas Johnson 13th, Seb Baldwin 18th, Joel Clinkard 20th, Leyton Boyes 22nd.

A special congratulations to the following for finishing in the top 10: Jake Casewell 5th, Sofia Quadvlieg 3rd and Ivy Coppin 8th. These 3 children have qualified for the next round!