Over the past few weeks all classes have been practising their long distance running skills, showing great stamina and determination!

In week 4, we welcomed ‘Skip2bfit’ to Bloxham, which started our 2 minute skipping challenge. The children are trying to beat their score of how many skips in 2 minutes. The idea is all about doing your best and beating your personal best score! We will continue the challenge throughout the year, but it is fantastic to see so many children skipping at playtimes already!


Also in Week 4, some of our Year 4 competed in a football tournament at the Warriner against 3 other schools. The event theme was ‘respect’ and all teachers agreed that the atmosphere on all pitches and amongst all teams reflected this theme really well. So congratulations to all who took part:

Grant Wolbert, Ryan Butler, Will Donovan, Kyle Mcleod, Tom Baldwin, Joseph Lailey, George Earl, Amelia Button, Presley Barnes, Millie Fitton-Alvarez, Olivia Hall, Eleanor Puddle, Alana Pande, Kitty Matthews, Max Pomroy, Kajus Ringys, Ed Hardy, Toby Clinkard, Keira Stegall, Jesse Carter, Liberty Bennett, Gabe Gregory, Ruby Casewell, Seion Champkins, Ethan Thomas and Dylan Blackhall.

One of our teams won all their matches and have qualified for the next round!