Reading Mania

We want children in our school to be excited about reading so this week we held a hugely successful book fair where over 200 of the newest and best books could be purchased. I’m sure every child would have been able to find a book that hooked them in.

Some really lucky children won an extreme reading competition which entitled them to spend a £5 book voucher at the fair. The competition was open to all the children in the school and all they had to do to compete was to take a photo of themselves reading in an extreme place. I just loved all the entries sent in, some really were imaginative. One of my favourites was where a child had managed to curl up very small and was wedged in a bookcase and of course was reading. But my favourite by far was the one where a child was fully dressed wearing wet weather gear, holding an umbrella and was reading under the shower which was turned on full. I could really visualise a child so caught up in their reading they just wandered into the shower fully dressed when told to get ready for bed. A great competition and hopefully one that encouraged the children to focus again on how exciting reading can be.