The Importance of Reading

I was quite shocked to read that thousands of children around the UK do not own one book, this was reported by the National Literacy Trust. It’s quite hard to believe that in this day and age parents don’t realise the significance of reading. Reading is a vital skill which is needed throughout life and opens so many doors. There is plenty of evidence that children who read for enjoyment

  • develop a wider vocabulary
  • have greater general knowledge
  • have better understanding of other cultures
  • develop greater empathy
  • learn better problem solving skills
  • enjoy improved relationships with others
  • have improved wellbeing

The positive effects of reading are there for everyone, whatever age. Even younger children who aren’t quite readers themselves will benefit from being read to. Reading should be part of our everyday lives, happening at home not just in school.

When was the last time you shared a book with your child? What about buying a book as a present for birthdays and Christmas or Easter. What about buying books from charity shops as they can be quite expensive to buy new. There really is no excuse for primary school children not to own a book. Ensure your child isn’t one of the 770.00 who don’t own a single book.