During last week I was reminded on more than one occasion why yet is such an important word in school. So, instead of "I can't do it, I can't do it yet." We need to encourage children to recognise and appreciate that even if they can’t do something or don’t understand an idea at any particular time, they need to develop that resilience and determination to think that they will be able to do so in the future.  These days it is often called a growth mindset. It is our role to help them realise that hard work and determination invariably bring results. 

As teachers it is important to remember that we are also always learning. Last week was no exception when we had a training session on “Bar modelling” in mathematics. I know that virtually every member of staff who was present found it both really interesting and inspiring, so much so that they (we!) were still trying to solve the mathematical problems using the particular strategy late into the evening. Bar modelling is the technique of drawing pictures/ diagrams to solve mathematical word problems. It certainly got us all thinking!

Due to the snow in December the theatre group  had to cance their visit. They certainly made up for that on Friday, when they entertained all our middle and upper phase children with their version of Robin Hood. Yes it was loud, but both children and adults really enjoyed seeing dramatic arts performed at our school by a professional company. Thank you to our splendid Friends Group for funding the performances.