That time of the year

Working with the Governing Body, selecting staff is one of, if not the most important, part of my role as Headteacher. Last week we appointed a new teacher who will be joining our school in September and once again we were fortunate enough to be able select from a group of candidates who not only wanted to teach but we really keen to do so at our school. The importance of these appointments cannot be exaggerated. They will be responsible for “Inspiring Young Minds” which continues to be both a wonderful opportunity and responsibility.

On Thursday I was invited by Bloxham Parish Council to attend the Annual Parish Meeting. It was delighted to do so and to be able to thank the Parish Council for their continued support for the Cherry Tree Centre since it opened this time last year. There are over 100 families who are on the register of the Centre, with frequently over 20 attending each of the 3 sessions that take place each week.

I was sitting having lunch with one of our year 6 children on Wednesday. We both knew that school hasn’t always been easy for him, but also that this year he has really thrived. I asked him what had made the difference. He thought and smiled, before saying that being in year 6 had really given him greater self- confidence so that now he felt able to tackle things that in the past he wouldn’t have attempted. I found it a very inspirational reply.

It doesn’t matter how many times you see it, but the first days of summer in a primary school continue to very special. The sights and sounds of the children laughing and playing outside are wonderful. This year was no exception- it continues to be a wonderful place to be.