A reality check

Following the installation of a new server and IT upgrade the images on the screen in the library have been updated. It now includes photographs of the year 5 residential visit to Stackpole a couple of weeks ago. Yes, they had wonderful weather, but it is clear looking at the images just how much the children really enjoyed the week away. I continue to be grateful to the adults who give of their time and undertake these type of activities so willingly. I know from first hand just how much the enormity of the additional responsibility that being with children for 24 hours during these residential visits brings.

One afternoon last week a child from our middle phase (years 1-3) appeared in my office bringing a photograph to show me. Not quite sure where this was going, I remembered to us an open statement, “Tell me about your photograph”.  The child then proceeded to tell me in some detail that the photograph was of her and a member of her family who had very tragically passed away earlier in the week. The full detail is not appropriate for a blog, but I did feel very humbled and full of admiration and respect for her. She left proud of her Headteacher’s Award, but she gave me so much more than I could offer her. A truly inspiring young mind.