One Day

I was reminded on Friday of the range of educational activities we provide on any one day.  Our year 1 children all went to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham and were able to see experience at first hand sea-life that they would not have otherwise have seen. A group of our splendid musicians were taking part in a Partnership Orchestra Day, and impressed everyone not only with their musical prowess but their maturity as ambassadors for our school. Meanwhile another group of Upper Phase children were taking part in an Athletic Final, after qualifying to take part after winning the local competition. They were genuinely inspired by competing against schools and the opportunity of taking in a range of athletic activities.

In school, there were auditions for our summer production taking place, as well as the guitar lessons. Meanwhile another group of year 5 children demonstrated to me very proudly the improvement in their instant re-call of mathematical facts. All this before the evening when, an albeit small number of parents, had great fun whilst raising a surprising large amount of money at the FOBPS quiz night. We were all thoroughly entertained once again by Mr. Coles’ skills and expertise when given a microphone or on a stage.

Today’s cover image is a dream catcher produced by one of our year 2 children. As you can see he is clearly and justifiably very proud of his home learning. I have no doubt that on Friday many dreams were caught.