Music is very much alive

I know that recently in the media there have been repeated comments that music is virtually non-existent in many schools but this is certainly not the case at our school. Over the weekend our magnificent choir ( at the last count about 80 strong- that is just about a fifth of our Middle and Upper Phase children), ably accompanied by one of our year 6 on her saxophone took part in the Chipping Norton  Music Festival. As can be seen from the attached commentary they really impressed the adjudicators.  I know that they both really enjoyed the opportunity of taking part in such a prestigious Music Festival and were outstanding ambassadors for our school. Thank you for those members of staff who continue to provide this type of opportunity and making memories with and for children that will last many years.

Of course, alongside this type of opportunity there is quite rightly an emphasis on the basics. One of the highlights for me was when a year 5 child very proudly told me that over the last few weeks has learnt all his multiplication (and division) tables and was very keen to demonstrate his prowess. And he was right- he could re-call them- and fast.

Finally-a year 2 child made my day during the week by showing me the book she had written for her very own bedtime story. She explained that she hadn’t really enjoyed the last book she read so she thought she would produce her own book. To be so inspired and confident to write was real evidence of an “Inspiring Young Mind.”