Looking back and forward

Last week I was presented with a Long Service Award by the Chairman of Oxford County Council, Cllr Zoe Patrick. As well as meeting some colleagues who I hadn’t seen for many years it prompted me to think about how primary education has changed in the last 30+ years.  When I started there was no national curriculum, no SATs, no OFSTED with the schools having little or no control of their budget.  

I can remember the great excitement when the first computer arrived in school, with the program (1 only!) being on a cassette that had to be loaded onto the computer each morning , with the process taking a good 30 minutes or so.  How things have changed since the 1984 when I started teaching, somewhat nervously I remember, my class of 7-9 year olds. Since that time I have been fortunate enough to teach all year groups from reception to year 6, with each group bringing their own very different challenges. It also made me reflect that some things, quite rightly, don’t change. The key, or at least one of them, to good schools must be high quality, honest respectful relationships between all those working, learning and playing there.

Looking forwards – we heard last week that Bloxham Parish Council is going to continue to part- fund Cherry Tree Centre at our school. We are so grateful for their continued support for this vital Community service for young families in the area. I know that the large number of young families who are using the Centre will be delighted to know that its future is safe for at least the next couple of years.