Arts Festival, Sports Morning- and Pythagorus

It really was a remarkable week.

At very short notice we were asked to host the Warriner Arts Festival on behalf of all the schools in the Partnership. It was a straight choice- the original venue was now unavailable and if we didn't do so there would be no Festival. We didn't want the children in all the schools missing out so, hole in the ceiling (fortunately we had persuaded the contractor to fix the roof the previous week) so the Festival came to us. It was a splendid occasion, with singing, poetry recitals and drama being performed to a very high standard.

At the same time we had our Middle Phase Sports Morning. Once again we received lots of positive feedback as all the children in the phase took part, and yes competed against each other in a range of sporting activities. I know that for many members of staff, parents and children it is a real highlight of the year and I have to agree.

Meanwhile, some of our year 6 have been learning mathematics that I certainly never did at Primary School, nor to be honest the first couple of years of secondary. They were learning about and explaining in great detail, Pythagoras’ theorem , which perhaps you can remember from your own school days is a method of calculating the third side of a right angled triangle by the using other two known triangle side values. They continue to be Inspiring Young Minds.